the founder

Chrysoula Vasiliki Patrikiou
Founder & CEO of potentia

Chrysoula Vasiliki Patrikiou holds a BSC in Business and Organizational Management. She has fifteen years of professional activity in Europe (17 countries) with extensive experience in multinational and multicultural working environments. During her career path she has developed an overall knowledge on human behaviour aspects. Chrysoula is an experienced Business Executive with a demonstrated history of working performance in the Human Resources industry. She is a strong media and communication professional, specialized in Total Quality Management, Crisis Management, Business Planning, Operations Management and HR Policies with an extensive experience in the design, development and implementation of training programs and quality standards through continuous monitoring. A capable professional in analyzing and developing business processes that lead to effective strategies and tactics, with integrated skills in the organization and co-ordination of international projects.

The foundation of potentia is an important milestone in her professional career as it is a personal undertaking that brings together the knowledge and experience of her line of work. Chrysoula is a Lifelong Learner, aiming at personal development, acquiring deep and continuous knowledge of human behaviour with a mission to accomplish: To unleash the power of people and improve the quality of the services provided by the Human Capital in any working environment.

“I am very proud of my life track and I am especially grateful to the people who trusted me, trained me and helped me -along my path- to define and design my footprint. Potentia is my personal and professional footprint inspired by people and designed to serve people “
Chrysoula Vasiliki Patrikiou