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Psychometric tools: The “measurement of the mind”.
The ideal way to measure what is considered to be non-measurable.
As objectively as we measure physical traits, like height and weight.

Psychometric Tools help us to measure psychological traits related to
a person’s nature, aptitude, inherent skills and talents, values,
motivations and personal working style.
The impressive precision of our Psychometric tools
is based upon their scientific knowledge and the fundamental principles.

Indicative Psychometric Tools:

  • -Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory-2 (MMPI®-2)
  • -Personality Evaluation Questionnaire 5.0 (PEQ ®)
  • -Indicative Psychometric Assessments
  • -Psychological Profile Interpretations
  • -Personalized Reports
  • -Soft Skill Diagrams
  • -Screening Interviews
  • -International Security Threat Assessment (applicable to critical and high risk working environments)

Potentia Assessment Systems allow you to:

  • -Save time & money,
  • -Possess a realistic picture of your people,
  • -Develop and protect the culture of your workplace,
  • -Encourage consistency and sustainability.