our values

Why we are effective in unleashing the power of people


The spiral and the circle around it, is more than our symbol.
It is the core of our Values. A continuous transformation process,
expanding in a targeted, structured way that unleashes the power of people



Our 7Ps’ – model- Values guide us to everything we do

1. Our Purpose is to serve our vision, mission and values wisely with a sense of wonder for the dynamics of human nature, respect for the uniqueness of every human entity and faith in the potential of human capacity

2. Ethos- Integrity-Dignity-Honesty are the fundamental Principles that reflect to our behaviour towards people and govern our interactions with people

3. Our Passion is our compass that leads us to Excellence

4. Pride leads our philosophy and guides our actions

5. Performance defines our interaction process of creating -on each occasion- an ideal environment in which people are enabled to perform to the best of their abilities

6. With a mindset of a Pioneer we inspire people to shape who they are and what they aspire to be by overcoming great challenges

7. Potentia is a Paradigm of human effectiveness; a compass that allows us to perceive, comprehend, interpret human as a vital capital