Who we are | Our vision

Who we are

Potentia is a consulting innovative enterprise with a human-to-human (h2h) approach aiming to the designation of the complex system of interrelated human element factors, incorporating operational objectives, personal endurance concerns, organizational policies and practices and environmental factors, in order to facilitate the identification and management of risk factors through a holistic and systematic manner.

Making one step beyond, potentia, deminishes the load enforced by fixed term deterministic approaches by introducing Human Element, Leadership and Soft Skills training requirements focusing on the Human Factor and Behavioural based Safety. Our team of experts have designed a holistic management system that succesfully applies as a management tool for Assessing and Empowering both human capital competence and organizational resilience within the frame of candidates selection process up to promotions.


Our vision is defined by our overaching aspiration:

  • To inspire people
  • To unleash the human power of organizations
  • To achieve excellence of lasting, dependable evolution for organizations and their human capital