IMO 2020 Seafarers Day campaign | “Seafarers are Key Workers: Essential to Shipping, Essential to the World”

The 2020 Day of the Seafarer campaign pays tribute to seafarers, acknowledging their sacrifice and the issues they face. This year, IMO campaign calls on Member States to recognize seafarers as key workers – and to provide them with the support, assistance and travel options open to all key workers during the pandemic. Seafarers are on the frontline, playing an essential role in maintaining the flow of vital goods.  The campaign encourages everyone to treat seafarers with the respect and dignity they deserve so that they can continue to provide their vital services to keep world trade moving.

Our utmost respect to these people, the Navigators and the Leaders of the World! We, the Potentia team, proudly were there -On-Board- from the very first moment committed to provide the Seafarers with the psychological support and empowerment they need to maintain a positive mindset, to rise again and grow further for what is necessary; their mental and physical health, welfare and constant care of their selves and their teams during these critical moments. Our project, Potentia-On-Board®, became a Global Call to the maritime community to assist in practice and with decisive, people-centered actions- the Seafarers of the World. We will do our best and  keep fostering the Key Workers of the Oceans to continue #RISE #GROW #LEAD. This is our promise and our ethical commitment towards human potential.Hymn to human capacity, Praise to human nature!

: #SeafarersAreKeyWorkers